MUN stands for Model United Nations and designates the simulation of diplomatic negotiations within the United Nations (UN). The main task of MUN consists of taking up the role of a diplomat from one of the Member States of the United Nations. In this role, one represents the position of the respective country as realistically as possible in topic-specific committees, such as the UN General Assembly or the Human Rights Council. Every committee deals with a broad range of contemporary themes in world politics.

Thereby, MUN not only allows for a valuable glance into the world of diplomacy and international politics, but the participants also engage with the perspectives of different countries and learn to successfully negotiate and lobby. Additionally, the simulations significantly enhance the rhetorical, linguistically and debating abilities of the participants, since the language of negotiation is English.

The only prerequisite is an interest in international politics.

We have weekly sessions of 1.5 hours plus some preparatory work at home, as well as a short international conference of 3-4 days. To keep it fun we also have some social activities during the semester.

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